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DATE:  2/18/02

Silicon Tetrafluoride High Purity Now Available from Voltaix, New Grade Surpasses 99.999% Purity

Silicon Tetrafluoride 99.999% Pure Introduced by Voltaix for Low- k Dielectric, Fiber Optic and Optical Glass Applications 

Silicon Tetrafluoride is now available at purity levels of 99.999% to meet the increasingly stringent demands of semiconductor and optical materials producers, said Dr. John de Neufville of Voltaix Silicon tetrafluoride has become the precursor of choice for the current generation of low k dielectric device layers and can be used with silane, disilane, TEOS and other suitable silicon sources to produce a low k fluorinated silica glass (FSG) using existing CVD tooling. The availability of this high purity product is facilitating the rapid introduction and acceptance of low k devices incorporating copper interconnect technologies. 

"We are also seeing an increasing demand for higher purity silicon tetrafluoride for the production of fiber optic cables and optical devices", said Dr. de Neufville. Silicon tetrafluoride is used to dope the cladding layer in the production of fiber optic cables to control the refractive index of that layer. The introduction of a higher purity silicon tetrafluoride product is giving fiber optics producers the ability to more closely control the uniformity of the cladding layer. 

Silicon tetrafluoride is also a critical material for the production of the next generation of silicon oxyfluoride glasses for photomask substrates. The high purity of the Voltaix product meets the needs of optical glass producers where higher and more uniform UV light transmittance is required.

Our recently expanded manufacturing and purification capabilities at both our New Jersey and Florida sites give us the ability to control the impurities in our silicon tetrafluoride at the levels demanded by our most discerning customers. The market demand for silicon tetrafluoride is expected to grow rapidly as this current generation of low k dielectrics reaches maturity and as the demand for highly uniform optical devices continues to increase. Voltaix now has the capacity in place to meet that demand, said of Dr. de Neufville of Voltaix.

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