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DATE: 04/30/2002

Real Estate Lead Generation

Site Provides Qualified Leads for Retirement Housing Properties

New York –  Free is good and seniors are coming to at over 300 per day in search of the best place to retire. The site generates qualified leads for retirement housing developers and property managers by offering free information for retirement housing options to active adults across the nation and worldwide.  Developers, property managers, realtors and others can buy high quality, prospects interested in retirement communities segmented by location, price range and other criteria. The leads are made available to developers on another website for the trade,

Started by William Ward, an energetic former CEO of an IT consulting company in New York City and Steve Olson, a real estate developer in Rhode Island, Adult Housing Leads offers real estate developers a unique lead generation service. "There is economic incentive to buy these leads because the cost per lead is low in comparison to advertising and other forms of lead generation. People in our list have asked for us to match them with retirement properties and want to hear from a developer that matches their preferences," said Billy Ward President of Revised, L.L.C.  For people searching for retirement housing information, the consumer site provides a fast, easy and free overview of adult housing options including active adult communities, resort properties, nursing homes and assisted living.  The service does all the work and matches a person to a property that exactly meets their needs. By all measures the concept is unique for consumers as well as for real estate developers and retirement property managers looking for qualified leads, since visitors to are specifying a location, price range, housing community type and amenities that they want to hear about and can get information without having to conduct their own research.

“People from across the United States are signing up and requesting information, at a pace far exceeding our expectations,” said Ward after two months of operating the site.

Ward and Olson also are getting the attention of real estate developers, contacting them by phone, email and letter and explaining the lead generation service on

“Advertising for the consumer site is throttled down until we can get enough developers signed on in every major metro area but in our first months of operation we can see there is significant consumer interest. Over 90% of the consumers who register for information tell us they haven't contacted a developer yet. Developers can get very targeted leads, without the inconvenience and expense of advertising. But more importantly, provides leads that did not respond to the advertising a firm may already be doing.” said Ward. Seniors are a large, expanding population that spends considerable time online so the site fulfills a real need as they try to find the best places to retire.