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Product Definition Case Study

Entity Marketing Consulting tested market acceptance of a new product prior to manufacture. The client company had developed prototypes of a new optical product and had identified some market statistics indicating there was a sizable number of consumers who could potentially buy the item at mass merchants and at movie theaters. The company needed a marketing consultant to further define the product features and assess acceptance.

The consulting project highlights how Entity works to deliver a complete solution that integrated many types of marketing consulting services. The client ruled out focus groups because they were beyond the budget and would get feedback from a small sample. The consultant's first goal was to develop a survey to find out people’s reaction to the proposed product. Entity proposed an incentive to drive people to find out more about the product on a specially created website where they could complete the survey.

Entity wrote the research survey and proposed a very simple incentive with prepaid Blockbuster Video cards that would be mailed to anyone completing the survey. Entity designed a website to show product information and collect the survey data.

To solve the problem of drawing traffic to the site in large enough numbers we decided to distribute high quality, 4 color postcards that could be printed on demand without a minimum order quantity. Entity designed the postcard using QuarkXpress and recommended an online printer, VistaPrint. To reduce the distribution cost, we proposed handing the cards out at movie theaters and shopping malls. We and hired college students to hand out the cards, which eliminated the postage cost and saved the cost of buying a mailing list. It also helped us target people who were headed into or out of the movie theater as well as achieve age and gender sampling goals. We wanted an equal mix of men and women and had predetermined the number of respondents we needed for each age group.

We had an excellent response rate and drew many people to the website. The client could see the results of the survey as it progressed by logging in to the website. We had the opportunity to check the effectiveness of the postcard copy, the field distribution team and the target and we used that information to adjust the program elements as needed.

At the end of the survey we had an excellent idea about the pricing and product features demanded by the target market. We tabulated and analyzed the data giving the client the information needed to decide on whether there was sufficient demand for the product.

Marketing consultants take the guesswork out of product definition.

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