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Product Definition

Market driven innovation is the key to successful products.  Entity helps you establish the needs of the marketplace to ensure the success of your product development efforts.  Knowing the shape, color, service or product features and pricing that excites your customers is the first step.

Ineffective and obsolete products are not capable of generating extraordinary margins.
Products that excite people will generate extraordinary margins.
Knowing what people want is the most important part of product innovation.

Key Benefits

bulletEnd users become an important part of the design team
bulletFeatures and pricing are precisely targeted to the potential market



Market Segmentation
Different needs in various segments influence pricing and features. Entity has experience in segmenting markets to identify needs and determine market size and growth rates as well as fit with the company's long term goals and competitive threats. 
Project Management
Directing market research and communicating findings to development teams and creative agencies, Entity becomes the focal point or liaison with overall responsibility for the project. Expanding to new markets requires a big picture view of channels of distribution, impact on the brand and many other factors. A marketing consultant that integrates many different services is especially valuable in coordinating all the phases of product development.

Reference Accounts

Targeting a niche affords protection from competitors who want bigger markets. There is a downside however if the niche begins to decline in size or visibility. To target new industrial supplies markets and develop new products, careful consideration was given to existing channels of distribution, brand identity, competitive threats and user needs. The work identified the largest, fastest growing market opportunities as well as products and distribution channels and advertising plans to reach them.  
Technology for flat panel displays improved and there was a market opportunity for manufacturing equipment to make larger size panels. Working with several trade associations and worldwide industry leaders, we defined the needs for the manufacturing equipment. The end result was a design specification for price, throughput, mean time between failure, particle levels and materials handling capabilities among other things. As marketing liaison to engineering, a manufacturing cost and development timetable was established, along with publicity and marketing plans.

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