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Entity has written marketing plans and business plans for a diverse range of goods and services. Some have launched companies, others have been used for government grants, budget justifications or to study viability of new technologies or products. A typical plan may take days or months to prepare and may or may not incorporate budgets, market research, product development timelines, pricing strategies, compensation plans, territory management plans, channel management strategies, media plans, job descriptions, industry analysis, marketing plans, advertising and public relations plans, etc.


Key Benefits

bulletMarketing Plans communicate direction throughout organization and to other audiences
bulletAllows proper allocation of resources
bulletEstablishes goals and objectives



Clear Writing Style
Takes your audience into consideration and communicates in terms the reader can understand. 
Fast Turnaround Time
Entity can focus on the task of writing the marketing plan and your team can be involved as much or as little as desired. Entity is expert at writing plans that get results.
An outside perspective can help you consider your venture more thoroughly. Discussing the marketing plan as it is being written and revised will stimulate valuable ideas.


Reference Accounts

Thomson Industries
Worked with the marketing and sales staff, operations and marketing services groups to develop a marketing plan outlining markets served, competitive strengths and weaknesses and identify strengths and weaknesses for an industrial bearings manufacturer. Researched market size and growth rates, by vertical segment and application.
Developed business and marketing plans to manufacture and sell compressed gases and chemicals to the solar cell industry. Forecast sales and expenses, established budgets, conducted competitive analysis. Researched the supply and demand for the products and the raw materials used in production. Identified worldwide suppliers and alliance partners. Created sales plan and defined product specifications.
Developed business plan for flat panel display manufacturing equipment. Identified competitors, defined product specifications, projected development expense and potential sales.
Developed annual marketing plans including media schedule, budgets, product road maps, launch plans. Developed plans to launch product line extensions in digital audio, portable consumer electronics and digital imaging for medical and industrial applications.

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Entity Marketing Consulting Setauket, NY Long Island New York Consultant develops marketing plans, corporate communications programs and marketing campaigns encompassing advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, seminars, collateral, website and publicity. 


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