JB Technologies – Success Story

Data Center Consolidation and Relocation Project

"We at Paribas/BNP owe a great deal to the management and technical support staff of JB Technologies for the patience they displayed in dealing with the different factions of management and technical personnel within the bank, the professionalism in keeping our teams together and the skilled approach JB Technologies showed towards project management." – Robert Carrizzo – VP Operations

The Challenge:

The merger of Paribas and BNP banks brought about some unique challenges. First was the problem of consolidating four (4) major data centers and its personnel into one operating unit. Finally was the problem of having 2 companies that were merging into one; each of them having 2 separate IT standards and only one was going to be used.

JB Technologies Solution:

  • JB Technologies provided the Project Management leadership necessary to successfully plan and implement the consolidation.

  • Guided the senior management staff in choosing the I.T. standard.

  • JB Technologies project management team not only prepared the project plan(s) for each move, but displayed exemplary skill and professionalism in their approach to conducting daily and weekly meetings with all department personnel.

  • JB Technologies provided the personnel necessary to conduct the big data center move and JB Technologies also successfully managed the redesign of the infrastructure and remote printing functions from SNA to TCP/IP; a major undertaking.

Ongoing Support:

JB Technologies continues to provide ongoing support services for
Paribas / BNP’s IBM mainframe system. We are currently relocating the
IBM mainframes from New York to Montreal, Canada.






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