Zero Knowledge Vulnerability

Assessment Offering
Enabling the power of the Internet Ö.. without the risk

Are your Firewall and Security policies protecting your business? Have they been tested?

Do you have the internal resources to review your most mission critical security concerns? Now, you donít have to.

Are you prepared for the threats posed by hackers and disgruntled employees?

Your vulnerability assessment (for up to 255 externally visible devices) includes the following:


  • Information Gathering

  • Build Company Bio From Public Sources

  • Discover IP Address Ranges

  • Address Scan to Uncover Potential Targets

  • Perform Network/Route Discovery

  • OS/Device Fingerprinting

  • Device Response Patterns

  • Execute Network Exploits To Determine Common Vulnerabilities and Entry Points

  • Review Results For Accuracy

  • Document Findings

  • Assess Risks

  • Make Recommendations for Remediation

  • Risk to Business Operations (High, Medium, Low)

  • Intricacy of Remediation (High, Medium, Low)

  • Complexity and Scope of Penetration (High, Medium, Low)

  • Meeting With Key Systems and Security Personnel to Review Findings/Recommendations

JB Technologies can design specialized assessments to fit the needs of your organization.

Every Assessment is presented to the client company in a detailed and fully documented presentation. Our engineers break down each section of the audit and provide unbiased evaluations based on their findings.

Every presentation includes a detailed description of the existing environment and recommendations for change.






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