Robert Woog
Director of Strategic Alliances

Mr. Woog has over thirty years of operating management experience in telecommunications, a significant portion of which has been spend in international projects in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Canada, and the Middle East.

Mr. Woog currently leads a consulting firm (Transcom International) that specializes in assisting companies expand their business into emerging global markets in Asia such as India, Pakistan, Vietnam, and in Latin America such as Brazil and Mexico.

At IXNet and Global Crossing, Mr. Woog held senior management positions responsible for the design, development, deployment and operation of a global managed network specifically designed to support the needs of the financial services industry. His responsibilities included establishing strategic and business based alliances with global partners, dealing with all regulatory issues and selecting the vendors and suppliers to support the network deployments.

From 1988 to 1995, Mr. Woog led the US and International operations of Positron Industries, a Canadian firm that specialized in the manufacture and distribution of specialized communications systems for the financial services industry (trading turrets) and the public emergency support industry (E911 systems).

Mr. Woog began his career with AT&T in 1968 where he progressed from engineering positions, to several District Manager positions, before leaving them in 1985. From 1975 1978 Mr. Woog was on loan to the Government of Iran as the Assistant Director General to improve the effectiveness of the Iranian Long Distance Network.

He is a board member of Net Enterprise Inc. and is on the advisory boards of Dolphin Networks and VITC. Woog holds a BSEE degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.






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