LAN/WAN Network Analysis and Design

JB Technologies provides resources to support your LAN/WAN infrastructure. Our services include network monitoring and administration, traffic analysis, performance monitoring, and security management. Our engineers will design, implement and maintain your routers, switches and firewalls. Our success in LAN/WAN Analysis and Design is based on two attributes: our RCA Testing Lab and unique System Wide Troubleshooting Methodology.

RCA testing lab
(Reliability, Certification and Assurance)

The RCA lab helps deliver to our clients plug and play interoperability without spending months in user site testing.

As technology solutions become more complex, pre-installation interoperability testing becomes more important to the enterprise.

  • Reliability - Assuring performance of solutions and components

  • Certification - Certify a solution will work before it is installed into production.

  • Assurance - Ensure everything works as promised (ex. Especially before a wide scale deployment in an enterprise IT environment.


System Wide Troubleshooting Methodology
We deploy a unique troubleshooting methodology that produces results in a fraction of the time and cost most tradition troubleshooting techniques require. Our methodology is a departure from the inefficient 7 layer linear approach or the serendipitous "swap and see" which often result in "finger pointing". Our methodology combines a binary and linear analysis beyond the network components to include system applications and the business transaction "workflow".


The troubleshooting methodology along with our in-depth knowledge of Protocols and how devices interoperate using these Protocol’s, enables JB Technologies to resolve System/Application problems that would normally take days, weeks and even months to troubleshoot – within hours.

Solving the unsolvable, delivering the Impossible & implementing tomorrow’s solutions today.






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