Business Analysis and Process Optimization

JB Technologies assists companies looking to manage their organization in a broad range of business disciplines including strategic systems and technology planning, process reengineering, business planning, cost control and application of advanced technologies to improve profitability. Our business process optimization team manages large Infrastructure Outsourcing contracts, complex Business Process Outsource projects, Systems Integrations assignments and Strategic Assessment engagements.

Executive Program Management
Technology projects often fail or founder because technical elements receive more attention and resources than the associated business issues. JB Technologies and Looking Glass Technology Advisors (LGTA) are professionals skilled at successfully managing this critical business/technology gap.

We position your business mission at the programís forefront, ensuring that we never lose sight of your ultimate goals. We do this by deploying staff with both extensive technology backgrounds and comprehensive experience in solving challenging business issues. We liaison with all corporate experts, project managers and participating product and service providers to manage the competing priorities inherent in most complex business solution deployments. We communicate program status to senior management in a crisp, structured fashion so that your decisive organizational, technical, financial and scheduling priorities are maintained.
Below are links to articles being generated for submission into various business and technology magazines during 2003.

CFO Challenges
Expense Base Restructuring






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