Technology Alchemy

A new way of thinking…new level of service. A new source of wealth.

Most technology issues facing businesses today do not require standard measures, they require alchemic solutions. Rather than investing more money, equipment and resources into an existing problem, technology alchemists create "technology gold" and show you how to achieve the maximum value from your existing investment.

The unspoken truths about IT

  • If your technology investment doesn’t produce revenue for your business then why invest more into it?

  • Businesses can no longer afford to throw more money, equipment and resources at a problem.

  • Businesses need the value technology brings not a just a really fast and "cool" network.

  • Purchasing more bandwidth and equipment is not the solution for all performance problems.

  • Technical people focus on expanding the network rather than the business.

  • Businesses want a solution they can unpack, turn on and use without  spending months reconfiguring and testing.

  • The swap and see guessing troubleshooting method is expensive and only "masks" the real problem.

  • Technical operations and support people responsible for maintaining and monitoring the network should not be the same people designing the network.

The Art of Alchemy
Ancient alchemists were people charged with finding a way to use a combination of materials to manufacture gold, the most valuable possession at the time. The royals that employed alchemists were not interested in the gold itself, but the wealth associated with the gold.
Alchemy is the art of using a combination of things that already exist in such a way that they add more value. The goal is to transform your existing resources, into "technology gold", generating more profit for your business.

New Technology vs. more Equipment
Technology is simply a method of doing something, and new technology is a better way of doing the same thing. We do not define technology as the equipment, infrastructure, applications or other related tools. More important than the tools themselves is how people use them. Let’s say you drive to work, and it takes you 30 minutes. One day, you find a better route that only takes 15 minutes. You have discovered a more efficient way to get to work. Now you can get to work in half the time. Did you buy a faster car? Did you pay to have the roads improved? No. You simply changed the way you use the tools you already have.

JB Technologies deployed a technology alchemy methodology to implement a business continuity solution for a large company in the New York City Garment Center (see testimonials for more information). Technology alchemists look at the way your business uses the tools that you already have, and recommends ways to use them more efficiently. Our solution saved the garment center customer over $200,000 in additional equipment and services.

Our team has a proven record of solving problems that have been labeled "unsolvable." We have a reputation of designing features that "could not be done."





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