Clients with NET PAK or a Hardware Contract qualify for custom services with guaranteed service response time and parts delivery that matches their needs.

Premium Service

§ 24x7 with a 4-hour response time, guaranteed
§ Engineer knowledgeable of customer's configuration
§ Exclusive 800#
§ Project manager assigned to your account
§ Engineers dispatched and parts delivered from our Midtown location
§ Real-time access & reporting capability via a secured web site

Custom Services for an Additional Fee:

§ 1-hour response time during business hours
§ 2-hour response time after business hours
§ Adaptable to cover Hardware-Operating Systems-Network Applications
§ Critical spare parts stored at MIS - MIS has inventory of over $300K
§ Flexibility of delivery for parts only

Typical Competitor does not:

§ Guarantee 4-hour response time for after hours - Best Effort
§ Provide Engineers that are familiar with the customer's configuration